Ana Roxana

vr 22okt2021

One Breast Woman

Van 20:00 tot 21:30

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Ana Roxana Ciupuliga is a Romanian singer songwriter, living since 2008 in the Netherlands. In daily life a power systems engineer with PhD,  Ana Roxana has been an artist at core since a small child. Music has always been a part of her life however it was pushed to the background with the start of adult life and her engineering job.

Confronted with breast cancer at 33 and then at 34 years old, she started a journey of soul searching and living a life of meaning. While recovering from heavy breast cancer treatments in the spring of 2020 she refound her forgotten inner artist and this time she took her seriously. As an immediate consequence she started to draw and to compose songs about her experiences. “It has been a very interesting and transformative journey. It is very healing to sing my own songs.  I felt this deep desire to make my songs heard and also my friends encouraged me to do so.”  She started to learn music production by herself in order to give shape to the music in her head. This process she found to be lengthy and her desire to sing her songs and make them heard was bigger. “So one day in the beginning of August 2021 I suddenly had the idea to buy an ukulele and next day I was in the local guitar store buying one.  Less than one month later I gave a small concert  at a meditation center and that was a very special experience. Wanting to do something during breast cancer awareness month, I quickly decided to organize by myself a small concert in October where I will play my own songs. In a few days I managed to arrange the venue and date. It is crazy as I am a beginner ukulele player, but I love it and I am looking forward to share my music with you!”

The concert is entitled One Breast Woman. This is also the name of one of her songs. “I am a one breast woman, but I feel more woman and more in tune with myself than before and also not hiding myself behind negative thoughts and perfectionism and focusing on what is possible in the now. Life brings challenges on our path, but it is how we deal with them that defines who we are and eventually makes us stronger. All my songs have a positive message in them despite some of them being about struggles I had during treatments and recovery from breast cancer. Most of my songs focus though on spiritual aspects and my deep desire to live a life of purpose and meaning, present in the moment, worry less and in tune with my being and the universe.”

You can find a few of Ana Roxana's songs on her youtube channel called Ana Roxana Music at the link bellow:

Attending the concert is possible only with booking in advance with Ana Roxana. Please contact her at if you want to attend the concert.

Entry is free. Donations are welcomed and appreciated (recommended donation is 10 euro).